Eighty four years…
is not a short period
for a human to live.

You have an extraordinary life
and good memory.

I know you feel lonely Dad,
as Mom is down there with God’s bless, already
and your friends are gone, one by one

but you still have us, your children
who will take care of you – always
like you showed your care..
to us when we were young of age

I understand that you still love
your beautiful and lovely
wife for more than forty years
…our mother

but no need to worry
we will love you – always
as you taught us
how to love others

Happy birthday Dad,
You made us proud
You are the best man in our life
You are our hero
A real hero.


Thanks for everything
Let us give you back your full attention to us
Let us show our gratitude
by respect you a lot
You deserve it
You deserve our deep respect.

Love you Dad.

RF, 10-03-09 )9.)6pm

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